Make fast international money transfers to South Africa at the best rates

Make international transfers to your bank account in South Africa with the best rates and quick settlement. We support over 30 currency transfers.

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We ensure you come first

We offer a best in class service to ensure you get the best rates in the market. We always verify our rates against our competitors to ensure our customers are getting the best deal.

We're Fast

Transfers to South Africa are completed within 1 day ensuring your funds arrive on time.

We're Secure

We use automated payment channels to ensure your funds arrive safely.

We're Cheap

Our rates are much better than those offered by existing banks and money transfer services

We're Easy To Use

Do it all online. Send money to South Africa from the comfort of your home.

Multiple Currencies

Whether you are sending money from Europe, the US or other African countries, we've got your convered.

Contact us for a quote if you are unsure we offer the currency you wish to send.

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About us

MoneyTransfer is a product of FiveWest and is a leading provider of cross-border payment solutions that specializes in sending and receiving money to South Africa.

We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals who need to make international payments to and from South Africa.

One of the key features of MoneyTransfer is its ability to offer fast, secure, and affordable international payments to South Africa.

  • Fast and secure settlement

  • The best FX rates in the market

  • Tools for business and individuals


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